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B: BAD COMPANY : Hold on My Heart

Hold on My Heart

I recall in '82, there was only me to talk to
I was in my lonely world, and then I found someone to walk to
I remember every second of every day, but there was something not right
And as day leads to night, over and over again
Well it seems so long ago, that there were two of us together
But it seems that love don't last, and now it's true of us forever
If only life would go the way that you want it to
Oh but the feeling inside, that I know I can't hide
Is starting all over again, and baby, you know

You got a hold on my heart, you got a hold on my heart
You know it gets stronger, the longer you keep us apart
You got a hold on my heart, a serious hold on my heart
I try to deny it, but baby, that's the hardest part
When I look back on those days, it's just a memory forever
If only life would go the way that you want it to
But when I get this feelin' inside, I know I can't hide
It's starting all over again
Chorus repeats out

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